Health and Wellness

Spring Into Action

I know, incredible cliché, but hey, why not?!  Up here in the north east, the weather seems to finally be breaking.  Spring is now, finally in the air and it seems brighter and warmer days are around the corner.  I hope you have enjoyed your winter and now it’s time to starting enjoying back being outdoors.  

Harsh Winter

It seems as though the days are going by fast but the winter is going by slow.. 

Holiday Fun... Efficiently

It's December, I know, it came up very fast and apparently, nowhere is safe (Texas got snow).  I was playing golf, finishing the season with a -1 in December (pretty good) then two days later, there is snow on the ground.  I am not unhappy about it although, being a golfer and warm weather person, I would still take more golf in December!  A good thing about the snow (albeit not too much) is that it's very pretty and can really bring in the Holiday Spirit.  It definitely an influential weather element that makes people want to stay in more, heat up some chocolatey drinks, Netflix (if you can manage to choose something) and chill.  If you don’t have a safely drivable car in inclement weather, you may be at home even more than usual.  Summer is a while away and many of go through deep winter doldrums of a decrease in physical activity, then in March-May, you ramp it up- it is hard work!

Too long

My sincere apologies- it has been too long since I have jotted down my thoughts on this wonderful venue called a blog.  How have you all been?  Good I hope!  I read something this morning that I thought would be great to talk about in this today- it is from a well-known online fitness coach who name is Nick Cheadle.  His philosophy of flexible dieting has greatly helped me instill the idea of flexible dieting.  He sent out an email today regarding several ways to lose fat without counting your macros- I am going to broaden it a bit to say 3 ways to change your physique without counting your macros.

The Start of Fall

Not an Endless Summer

It is August which is usually a great time to be outside as it is a little bit dryer and a little cooler at night.  It also unfortunately signifies the end of summer.  If you haven't already, really try to make the best use of the nice weather outside.  By the time the winter comes around you will wish you did.  Walking, running, jogging are all typical ways to utilize the outdoors.  However, you can bring weights outside, flip a tire, chop wood etc..

Sun Time is Fun Time

I will keep this brief- being in the sun is fun!  Among making you feel good and warm there are some added health benefits of being in the sun.  The obvious is that you are outside and hopefully doing something active and you are taking advantage of what thought is of nice weather!   Sunlight has also been known to have a beneficial effect on skin disorders such as psoriasis, acne, eczema and fungal infections.  It also provides vitamin D which makes us happy!  Sunlight can lower cholesterol by converting high cholesterol into the blood into steroid hormones an

On the go..

So its mid-summer and its finally nice out..  So we will keep this pretty short and sweet- pun intended (see below).  We all want to be outside and maximize the nice weather out.  There are so many more things to do during the summer and are more accessible from an activity standpoint.  Walking, jogging, running (I know easy), hiking, golfing, going to the range, jump rope, exploring a city… etc.  I picked the low hanging fruit but still- in general these activities are more enjoyable when it warm and sunny.  You may have done a ton of hard work leading up

The role of cardio

This is something we haven’t addressed head on-  where does cardio fit in to overall health?  Certainly, there are many benefits to cardio- the main benefits (in my humble opinion are as follows):

-cardiovascular endurance/performance (in general, of course there are specified activities where it serves a much more important role).

-getting you active

-modest weight loss

What's the skinny on sports drinks

Electrolytes- a common term used to hype up the sports drink.  They generally taste very good, come in cool and vibrant colors and tout the promise of replacing all those electrolytes you lose during intense exercise… Picture a flashback moment in the movies… You have decided you wanted to become more healthy not just for your appearance, but mentally as well.  You would like to shed a few pounds, and feel better.  From the beginning here, I have also talked about sustainability.  If you want to improve overall health and wellness for the long term, you have to have real