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Shake-ing it up

We are in May- YAY!  That just means it so much closer to summer!  I know I am excited.. 

As we enter the time of BBQ...

For the North East, it is really the first time (since mid-February) where we have caught a stretch of good weather.  For the past couple days it has ACTUALLY been warm and ACTUALLY not rained, or snowed.  For a person who loves the warm/hot weather and sun (me), this is very, very exciting!

But it's good for you...

Like me, if you are reading this, you are human.. (or most likely, anything is possible).  When it comes to food, even the most hardcore dieters "slip up" at some point.  Hopefully, at that moment, it isn’t too bad.  In our case, it probably shouldn’t be based on our core concept- SUSTAINABILITY!

Spring into action..

Spring into action..

Life making you nuts?

We all encounter stressful situations, some more than others, some more frequent than others.  It is very easy for stress to consume a person and a person can turn to nonproductive activities.  The importance of prohibiting this is critical to a happy and healthy life.  It is harder for someone to work through the stress than let it consume them.  Setting goals, positive routines and developing strong productive habits can help mitigate and diminish the severity of a stressful situation.  Having something you can lean on when you get stressed to help relieve the str

The Winter Doldrums and Your Upcoming Vacation...

Good Morning All!  I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of 2017!  So far, this year has be interesting- interesting and good.  Interesting because of some unexpected things but good because those things have what appeared to result in a positive outlook.  That's most important- having a positive direction to work towards!  Anyway, many of you may have a vacation coming up to take a break from the winter doldrums.  The holidays aren’t that far behind us and football season has been in full effect (up until last night) which always brings great social gatherings and probably, less than healthy food.  So now you want to get in shape for your vacation.. 

The Common Question

The Common Question

Holiday Cheer!

Holiday Cheer!

Staying active..

Happy December!  We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!  Hopefully, you still have some of those leftovers.  This year, we went to family friends house and it was great!  So, with December, usually comes the cold.  Unless you are a winter sports person, doing activities outside becomes a bit more challenging.  Being that our goal here is to maintain health and wellness, it’s important to remain active through the winter months.  Not to mention, this is the time period with a good amount of holidays and heavy food that tends to be rather unfriendly to our waistlines. 

While dining out...

Good Morning!  First, I just want to say I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  I know we have covered quite a bit of information over the past several weeks.  Hopefully you have been able to take at least some bits and pieces away from what we have talked about and found it helpful.  This week I would like to talk about how you can still stay on track while dining out.  Again, our focus is on Health, Wellness AND… sustainability.  Here are a few tips, tricks to consider when dining out: