Harsh Winter

It seems as though the days are going by fast but the winter is going by slow..  It has been a bit brutal up here in the northeas relative to last year's winter.  We have definitely had more prolonged cold spells.  I for one, do not like it... Anyway, when we go through these times it is tough to want to be outside and not everyone wants to run on the hamster wheel at the gym.  So, as I have mentioned in prior posts, being creative is a great way to keep things fresh and fit!  Here are some ideas that keep you outside, are fun and a little bit different (from the normal).  Based on a 150 lb person doing the below activities for an hour, I have included estimated calories burned.  A rule of thumb, the more you weigh the more calories you burn and vice versa.

Snowshoeing- 650-700 calories

Cross country skiing (4.0-4.9 mph)- 476 calories

Ice Skating- 408 calories

Snowmobiling- 170 calories (to be expected)