Spring Into Action

I know, incredible cliché, but hey, why not?!  Up here in the north east, the weather seems to finally be breaking.  Spring is now, finally in the air and it seems brighter and warmer days are around the corner.  I hope you have enjoyed your winter and now it’s time to starting enjoying back being outdoors.  Maybe, you had a workout plan or diet plan that you are working towards but things go in the way and now your feeling a little uneasy about the season of sun- don’t sweat it, you have plenty of time.  However, about the notion of time, it is the single most valuable asset we have so what I would say is, get back on track and starting working towards your goals.  Another thought- if you are thinking of doing any type of crash diet, don’t.  These end up doing what they are supposed to- make you crash.  That initial weight you may lose, is not a majority of excess fat, but water weight (and some fat).  Think about what you are planning on doing as an overall lifestyle change.  Remember, this is all about sustainability.  The work is done on the small stuff (like quantifying your caloric intake and measuring) so you can have more flexibility in what you eat.  This is essentially the premise of the some of the well known weight loss companies- portion control.  If you control your portion effectively, you can eat a wider variety of food!  Don’t wait any longer, jump in.  The adjustment period may be a bit cumbersome but once you are through it, it will become second nature!