As we enter the time of BBQ...

For the North East, it is really the first time (since mid-February) where we have caught a stretch of good weather.  For the past couple days it has ACTUALLY been warm and ACTUALLY not rained, or snowed.  For a person who loves the warm/hot weather and sun (me), this is very, very exciting!  I feel like we have partially become a bit spoiled as the Spring really begins earlier and earlier each year and yet we still had a fairly mild winter.  Anyway- enough about the weather.. we just recently had our first BBQ of the season.  Tuna, Chicken, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Onions- the works!  It was really good- I only know this because my wife said “this might be the best thing you’ve made yet..”  I promise I am not “tooting” my own horn.  Now to my actually point of this entry—

BBQing is great and can add tremendous flavor to food without having to add a bunch of other items that tend to add A LOT of extra calories, ie, olive oil.  If you eat meat and you BBQ, it will come out just as juicy and less oily- thus less caloric density.  Generally, in the summer or leading up to it when people want to be in better shape or have the ability to be more active because it is nice outside.  If this is you, then having less calories will help you reach that goal.  As a quick tangent- calories in vs. calories out can also enhance performance (to a degree, let me explain).  If you are overweight, losing weight will benefit your health.  You have the ability to be more active, more consistently for longer periods of time.  You may end up enjoying your life more when you are in better shape so you can do the things you love, longer without getting tired too quickly.  That being said, losing weight isn’t just about looking better but improving your health and wellness….  Back to this post- BBQing- a great way to cook food, (in my opinion, its best with charcoal) as it adds great flavor, is versatile, meaning you can cook ANYTHING on the grill and it’s delicious.  The process of cooking the food is also bit healthier as the fat (assuming you cut most it away anyway) drips off into the grill, it doesn’t stay in the pan so the food cooks in the fat.  Another benefit—it gets you outside, maybe together with family and friends as well! 

This week’s recipe: Caprese BBQ chicken with a twist


Skinless Chicken Breast

Balsamic Vinaigrette Glaze (1/4 cup)

Balsamic Vinegar (1/4 cup)

Dry basil (to taste)

Polly-O low fat string cheese (1 string cheese per breast)

Ground Pepper (to taste)

Lemon Juice (to taste)


Slice off fat of chicken

Slice chicken into tenders

Mix all ingredients in a bag and let sit excluding cheese

Strip string cheese into thin strips


(Note: when cooking, after you make the first flip of chicken add string cheese and cover the grill)