What's the skinny on sports drinks

Electrolytes- a common term used to hype up the sports drink.  They generally taste very good, come in cool and vibrant colors and tout the promise of replacing all those electrolytes you lose during intense exercise… Picture a flashback moment in the movies… You have decided you wanted to become more healthy not just for your appearance, but mentally as well.  You would like to shed a few pounds, and feel better.  From the beginning here, I have also talked about sustainability.  If you want to improve overall health and wellness for the long term, you have to have realistic and long term action items you can do consistently.  We have always focused on quantity being the number one driver for weight loss as well as your own sanity.  Cutting out things can prove very challenging particularly if you love those foods.  There are certain food items, like fried foods for example, that carry a lot of calories, namely fat, that can eat up your daily macros.  In addition, fried foods really do not fall into any type of real health and wellness category other than “not healthy.”  There are some other known food groups or items that would generally be considered the same, for example, soda.  I would think it is fair to say that soda, in general is not healthy, and if you are looking improve overall health, soda really does not fit in to that, at least not on a regular basis.  This does not mean you cannot lose weight drinking soda, if it fits into you macros, then it fits into your macros.  Similar to fried foods however, soda packs a lot of calories and generally leaves you wanting more, not satisfied… picture a flash forward back to the present… Sports drinks.  Healthy because of the electrolyte replenishment right? NO.  Since we view a calorie as a calorie, meaning fat is fat, protein is protein and carb is carb, then sugar would be sugar.  It is in my opinion, that those sports drinks are re-wrapped as soda.  The nutrition facts exemplify this.  You will not see much difference (unless it is a zero calorie drink) in a regular sports drink and a regular soda.  Don’t believe me- take a look next time.  Unless you are running a marathon (and you want to cramp) or play professional football, a sports drink will not be any better than water, with the exception of having a sugar rush and tasting different.  I would recommend sticking with water- water will hydrate you and keep you going without all the calories and sugar that come along with the sports drink.  It will also leave room in your macro plan for more satiating foods!