Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Prior to initiating any investment, we thoroughly research these ideas to develop and build conviction. We focus on two key elements: Time Arbitrage and Big Ideas.

  1. Time Arbitrage emphasizes the long view. It also inspires confidence to hold through the (inevitable) volatility we will experience during the life of the investment(s). We focus on specific investments that have the ability to endure any macro (economic or financial market) headwind or adversity.
  2. Big Ideas are based on durability, disruption and innovation. In any given time period, there are always big themes or major shifts in how business is evolving regardless of industry. We look to capitalize on these shifts and invest (early).

Traditional research methods such as academic and fundamental analysis are used, in addition to technical analysis. We also incorporate alternative, more modern types of data such as crowd insights and news sentiment to develop our own proprietary methodology to develop and actively manage our client’s portfolio. Based on client goals, various types of investments are used including individual stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds and private equity to create a dynamic portfolio. We are not asset allocators, investing in an area just to fill a “style box.” We focus on investments we think have a high chance of success.

We constantly assess the current economic conditions and financial markets to generate high conviction investment ideas.

At Stern Financial, you can expect hands on, personalized service and investment management. Your portfolio will be monitored on an on going basis. We have the specialization, flexibility and ability to pursue and work towards your goals.

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